Circuit Training

& Private Kick Boxing

Are you looking for a studio where you can take part in a great circuit training program to get your whole body moving? Do you want to find somewhere to sign up for private kickboxing lessons? Have you been searching for cardio kickboxing near you? If you are hoping to find the right spot for your daily or weekly workouts, then you have come to the right place! The Fitbox studio has become well known for our available classes which are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. With our location in Sherman Oaks, CA, we are in the perfect spot for anyone looking to join from not only Sherman Oaks but also surrounding areas such as Los Angeles and Encino, CA.

Here at Fitbox, we are dedicated to ensuring that our members are getting the best instruction around! From weight training and shadow boxing to cardio kickboxing, we want you to get the most out of each session when you join our studio. Whether you are looking for private kickboxing classes or you want to enroll your child in a kids’ class where they will learn boxing basics and gain confidence in their fitness abilities, we are here to help. Our instructors strive to maintain a friendly and competitive atmosphere in all of our classes so that each student has an enjoyable and challenging experience.

When you want a great workout, then you need a circuit training program that will help keep you motivated! Here at the Fitbox studio, our programs include a wide range of lessons for students of all ages and fitness levels. If you are curious about the classes that we offer, check out our site at for more information. If you are located in the Encino, CA area and would like to join a kickboxing class near you, be sure to contact our Fitbox team right away!