Private Boxing Lessons For Kids

& Boxing Gym Near Me

Have you been looking for a kickboxing class near you that will motivate you to stay on track with your fitness goals? Do you hope to find private boxing lessons for kids in your area? Are you a parent searching for fun ways to include exercise in your child’s schedule? If you just entered the term ‘boxing gym near me’ in a search field, then you have found your answer! Fitbox offers quality boxing and weight training instructions for all ages. With our location in Sherman Oaks, CA, we are in a great spot for students residing in the surrounding communities including but not limited to the Los Angeles, Studio City, and Van Nuys, CA areas.

Here at Fitbox, we are proud of our kickboxing studio. Because of our highly trained instructor team, we know that every one of our students will benefit from taking classes with us. Whether you are someone looking to improve your balance and agility or a parent searching for private boxing lessons for kids, our team is here to assist you in all of your fitness goals! It is our mission to provide our students with a friendly and supportive atmosphere where they can not only learn boxing skills and weight training but also find themselves enjoying each new fitness challenge along the way.

When you are searching the net for the best ‘boxing gym near me’ and land on Fitbox, look no further! Fitbox has become a leader in offering kickboxing and weight training to the local area. If you are interested in learning more about the classes and instructors at our gym, have a look at our site at for more information. If you are located in the Van Nuys, CA area and would like to join a top-notch fitness studio or enroll your child in boxing lessons, be sure to contact the Fitbox team as soon as possible!